How to acquire a digital mindset?

As I am preparing my first course on Digital Marketing Strategy, I am forming the idea that a strategy is all very well and super important, but not enough: businesses really need to have a digital mindset if they seek to succeed in their digital endeavours.

The book “Digital Strategy: Integrating strategy and tactics with values” by Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton very clearly explains the role of values in creating an adequate digital mindset. A digital mindset is in fact the key to a business’ integration into the digital culture…The key to digital transformation.

But what IS a digital mindset then?

This video interview, I think, goes a long way in explaining it. It really made an impression on me and is worth seeing.

Penny Power (amazing name, right?) here explains that

Having a digital mindset means being Open, Random & Supportive”

So there goes, according to Penny: be social, unplanned and caring, and you’ll merge perfectly in the digital world. It’s easier said than done, of course, and most people will struggle with at least one aspect of the digital mindset triad (I know I am the opposite of random, like Penny), but I am a big advocate of meaningful strategies in marketing, and this is the message of this video for me.

What if you don’t care for your digital network and stakeholders?

If you cannot or won’t help them solve their issues?

If you cannot reinvent yourself in the face of an ever-changing environment?

Being open, random, and supportive, or at least trying to, should be a constant effort to support a successful digital strategy. What do you think ?

Have a great 2016!

PS: Follow Penny, Ira and Chris for further insight on digital marketing strategies.

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