#1 presentation tip for marketing students: just believe.

When students present their work in class, they easily fall into one of the following: a) utter panic mode, b) super sonic speed mode or c) note-reading mode. None of these is appealing to a teacher, and we all know that the way you deliver a speach can dramatically improve the perception of your audience.

In this post I will share my number one tip for students to really stand out in a presentation and impress their marketing tutors or professors, beyond the content.

The saying “fake it until you make it” basically means that until you’ve actually achieved whichever goal you aim to achieve, just pretend you’re already there. The same goes when you are being assessed, and thus in the anticipation of your much dreaded presentation grade, so: fake it until you are graded! 

Presenting in front of a classroom and your teacher is not easy. Presenting like a winner, to me, is first and foremost believing in what you are saying. This seems easy, but for marketing students, it means that they need to really embody the product, strategy, organisation or brand they are talking about. They need to be captivated by it, to believe in its strength and potential….whether they are in a self-selected team or not, or working on a self-selected topic or not. First and foremost, this means having fun: if you are in panic, or totally bored and just wanting to be done with it, it will never work.

“Delivering your presentation like a winner is all about believing in what you are saying”


With equal levels of content quality, a passionate student or group is highly likely to have a stronger impact on their professor, and better scores as a result…at least in my classes.

If a marketing learner does not learn to captivate and convince, who will?

What do you think? Are you sometimes struggling when presenting? What would be your number one tip if you are on the audience side?

PS: This was my #1 tip for marketing students to enhance their presentations…more to come!


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Haitham Al-Sheeshanyreply
December 8, 2015 at 10:37 pm

“fake it until you are graded” I liked that 🙂

#2 presentation tip for marketing students: stop preparing. | Laurence Dessartreply
December 14, 2015 at 10:08 am

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