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Haitham Al-Sheeshanyreply
October 28, 2015 at 11:26 am

Can I ask a semi-wicked question Dr: Why do we want logos that are unique, easy, and distinguishable from “others”? Why is it imperative to draw attention to our offerings by re-calling an image/experience our customers gained (instead of relying on their actual use of it as the chief test)?
Is creating a bond which makes us, customers, reach out for a certain item over the shelf or click on one over the web that crucial for businesses?

“ok, those are three Qs not one!” 🙂

I know I am drifting away from the main idea of this post but I just wonder about the obsession we have toward winning, competition, steady flow of offering(s) before they lose momentum, etc … (being dramatic, I know).

Might be questions that fall under the (existential) Qs category but I cannot escape going that lane whenever I come across conceptualisations that ultimately want us to buy more, and fast. Know what I mean? It can easily be described as naive, I realise that, still I cannot escape the thought of prioritisation in what role businesses, big or small, are advocating or playing. Make a good product, offer a service, promote it (sure), defend it against logo displacement but also remain focused on basics. Not every business can afford the long-run hurdle of customers (testing) their offerings and THEN being loyal to those offerings but the amount of effort by almost everyone to push &/or pull offerings so they are sold and sold as the # 1 criterion to success is frightening.

*ok, I am done* 😀 and I know I will never open a business that makes money 😛

Haitham Al-Sheeshanyreply
October 28, 2015 at 11:27 am

*forgot to subscribe to comments!*

October 28, 2015 at 1:11 pm

Hi Haitham. Well regarding the logo, first of all, I think it acts like a mental shortcut for customers. You don’t only need it for your existing customers to remember you, but also to serve as a differentitation tool in general. Being unique, or significantly different on the market is important, otherwise why would a consumer choose you and not your competitor? A logo is a symobl that helps you create this differentiated identity if you want my opion. It does not do all the job, but it helps!

Then, for the part of making money, this is a bit more philosophical indeed and less related to the logo itself, but I think that mistaking marketing and advertising with greed and profit is a limited stereotype. Companies need to make money to survive, maybe not profit, but even non-profit companies still need cash to operate. Just like you need employment and money.

So the fact that companies seek to attract business through marketing means does not mean that they have a wrong purpose, wrong values or a wrong way of doing it. I forcefully disagree that marketing is immediately viewed an evil method to extract money out of helpless people by manipulating them. Again, just like individuals, some companies have dubious goals, values and methods, but others don’t and that has nothing to do with the practice of marketing itself.

Sorry for getting all worked up 😀 I’m sure that you’d be very good at marketing your own company even without necessarily doing marketing on purpose 🙂

Haitham Al-Sheeshanyreply
October 28, 2015 at 1:52 pm
– In reply to: laurencedessart

“the obsession we have toward …” was meant for businesses in specific and our “intelligent” race in general, surely not to marketing per se. I need to work on my “writing”! 😀
It is all intertwined; the specific (logo and its function) as per your post, with the philosophical, more general, aspect of the genuine purpose & role of business and the exploitation of some to such purpose. Of course I know you do realise that loop. Trying to figure out the specific-general connection “even with the isolation of other factors” is hard and the implications of that connection are even harder to agree on (agree as in: OK, what to do now, what comes first, etc..)

I can, already, see my venture going bankrupt 😛

October 29, 2015 at 3:12 pm

As long as the PhD is going well at the moment…? 😉

Haitham Al-Sheeshanyreply
October 29, 2015 at 3:16 pm

Well, it is .. going 🙂

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