Is less more or do we want more for less?

“As more of our basic needs are met, we increasingly expect sophisticated experiences that are emotionally satisfying and meaningful”

I found this quote reading through the literature on design and innovation, as part of a research project I am involved in. Leaving my academic research mindset for a while, it leads me to wonder: are we, consumers, indeed looking for more and more complex product offerings, to match our vibrant and experiential lifestyles? Or, on the contrary, are we not craving for a bit more simplicity and a return to basic forms of need satisfaction ?

So, that’s the question: a we craving for sophistication or simplicity in our consumption choices? Have consumers become needy only children that think they can claim and get anything they want ? Is the market tangled in a vicious circle of  always giving away more to top up consumer expectations and competition? Or are consumers fed up with all the content, information and products that companies are bombarding them with and willing to go back to life’s essentials?

What do you think?

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