Sharing of my amazing experience in Aquadventure Water Park in Dubai

We often want to go on vacation in a country where we have never been before. Most of the time, we go to the Internet and do researche in order to not only make the schedule of our holidays, to find the best hotels but also, find the great activities which are able to give us amazing experiences of our vacations.


If you want to go to Dubai for your holidays and you are looking for intense sensations, or prefer to relax under the sun on a private beach, Aquaventure Water Park is designed for you whether you are with your family or not.

Located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, the huge park Aquaventure Water Park, which covers 17 hectares, makes sensation, and many would describe it as the best family activity in Dubai.

Aquaventure has been designed so that you never have to leave the water to enjoy all the attractions. This is particularly the case of the Great jump of 27.5 meters (almost a vertical drop on the face of the central Ziggurat, which puts you in a lagoon full of sharks). Same goes with the navigation in the rapids of one meter in height, or on the river of 2.3 kilometers that winds in a tropical landscape, or on a roller coaster of water that propels you higher and higher.

If these attractions are not for you, Aquaventure Water Park also offers a private beach of 700 meters where you can sunbathe. There are also a number of restaurants and snack bars throughout the park and others playful activities accompanied by the music.

Your day ticket also gives you access to The Lost Chambers Aquarium (The Lost World) where you can consider yourself like an explorer in the ruins of this island engulfed by the waters millennia ago. There, in the middle of 65,000 sea creatures you can live your adventure in the heart of Atlantis through The Lost Chambers Aquarium.


You can explore the mazes and tunnels of this lost city to meet the sharks, eels, seahorses and piranhas and enjoy over twenty productions of underwater life, including a pool where you can touch the species and an interactive show of Aquatheatre.

Gentle navigators will offer you guided tours of the aquarium at different times in the day. These interactive tours allow you to learn about the legend of Atlantis, the tradition of the Seven Sages and the marine species housed in the aquarium (The Lost Chambers).

You can also have fun with the divers during an interactive show, informative and funny in the room of the seven sages (7 Sages Chamber). Finally, you have the occasion to observe the animals jumping on the food in the lagoon of the ambassador (Ambassador Lagoon), meet hundreds of marine animals in the Persian Gulf while the divers feed them.

When you are in that area, you are immersed in another world. It’s the best place to have great experiences during your vacations in Dubai.

If you need to know more about my experience, please ask questions in the comment section.

You can also click on the following link to have a idea about what you will find there.

Ousseynou MBODJI


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April 9, 2016 at 8:40 pm

I remember going to the Atlantis water park in Dubai and it was amazing, yes there was a very long walk from the rides to the changing rooms and it was very crowded but over all had an amazing time

John wickreply
March 2, 2018 at 9:45 am

Yes, I totally agree with you Article aqua water park is best for spending holidays. and many other places to go in Dubai but aqua water park is the best place.

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