Customer Experience: How do TV Series deliver it?

A post by Alimatou YOUM, MSc student in Digital Marketing @KEDGE Business School. 

Watching TV series is good entertainment, but the question is: what do they do about customer experience? How do they manage to keep the audience focused and loyal? Yes, focused and loyal because “WE”, consumers, have no interest in watching a program that is not interesting. We love when it’s intriguing: we want love, drama, passion, plots etc. but what we want above all is good scenarios. When it’s about TV series, customer experience is a huge process that needs to be developed permanently.

As I said previously, if “we have no interest in watching a program that is not interesting”, producers will not gain any customer engagement.

Here are some examples: Good or Bad customer experience, you tell me!

First example: Le Bureau Des Légendes, produced by Canal +, is about terrorism, spy and secret identities


They look like gladiators in suits, right? Ready to fight the crime.

The season 1 did not convince a lot of consumers: when some found it quite interesting, others in the corner just gave up and wrote bad comments.


Second example: Game Of Thrones


If there is a TV series out there that can teach us something about the world of digital marketing, it’s “Game Of Thrones”. They invest a lot in customer experience. How? Disruption: amazing storytelling, archetypical heroes and themes, visual elements, innovative omni-channel customer experience and a strong social media presence.

There is no doubt that “Game Of Thrones” is a great brand, they know how to deliver exciting experiences, stories that jump off the screen and inspire loyalty. They can be named “customer obsessed” because they give people reasons for coming back and watching more episodes through their loyalty programs, gamifications, and a remarkable customer experience. The result is a win-win and an incredible fan club. This video might help you to figure it out:

Third example : Empire , musical tv series


When I think about empire, I just have three words in mind: Music, power and fashion.

If you like US music, you will probably enjoy watching it. They ensure customer experience through the scenarios (suspense, passion, intrigues etc.). Also, they are omni-present on social media: There are three to four original musics in every episode; they post it on the “Empire” YouTube Channel that keeps them connected to their fans before and after the episodes diffusion. Also, everyone has the ability to shazam it.

Actors are close to their consumers, they make them feel special. For example : Jussie Smollet, one of the major actors announced on twitter that “empire” was going to be broadcasted in France. He even spoke French to show his determination and make the consumers feel special.

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

This quote says it all: ensuring a good customer experience is the key to every success. Whether it is about a business or TV program, it is important to deliver quality and make your consumers feel special.

Alimatou YOUM

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