About the digital invasion within traditional stores

A post by Capucine CHAUVEAU, MSc student in Digital Marketing @KEDGE Business School. 

As a make-up consumer, I am frequently receiving newsletters from different brands and particularly Sephora, offering discounts or presenting new products. Recently, they informed their loyal customers about the opening of a new shop: the first connected make-up store. This intrigued me and after some research, I discovered this was a “phygital” store.

I asked myself: what does the term of “phygital” mean?

It is actually a sweet neologism between “Physical” and “Digital”, and thus, describes the integration of emerging and digital marketing techniques within traditional and physical stores.

Phygital is a neologism between “Physical” and “Digital” which describes the integration of emerging and digital marketing techniques within traditional and physical stores.

This concept is quite new but is starting to appeal to more and more companies. Indeed, customers’ behaviour has evolved and Internet is our new best friend. How many of you have already checked if the wanted product was available online and cheaper?

Introducing digital and new technologies is an interesting alternative to keep customers in the store through the creation of a totally new experience around new digital trends.

But, let’s talk about our concrete example of a phygital store: Sephora Flash in Paris (I am really sorry for all the gentlemen’s who will read this article, but keep reading because it can totally be adapted to another kind of product).

The experience begins at the entrance of the shop where a little robot, named Robot flash, is welcoming and explaining you the concept. Moreover, Robot flash invites you to take a digital cart which will allows you to put products on it, pay and choose a delivery mode: at home or in a Sephora shop.


Then, you will meet different types of screens of different sizes. Each of them have a precise role: delivering information, finalizing the order, showing tutorials, adding products on your digital cart, choosing samples, or simply creating a special atmosphere with images and videos.


Are you wondering if Robot flash is the only employee within the shop? Actually, Sephora employees are still there, helping you though this experience with pieces of advices or make-up sessions. However, they all are equipped with a new digital tool, scanning your skin in order to provide the best needed products.

And by the way, there is a little added service: you can recharge your mobile phone for free during your shopping, unless it avoids you to find information about competitors’ products online during your visit in the shop…

What about you, have you already been to this kind of shops? Do you feel they provide you a totally new experience?


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