I don’t blog much about music, but my latest discovery cannot be left unshared, so I am happily deviating from my usual topics – also because it relates to what I love: online communities and great brands.

I am a big fan of the Italian singer and songwriter Jovanotti. From hearing my uncle sing his early hits in the 1990’s, to re-discovering him in the mid-2000’s, this artist has stuck with me. He always comes with very varied influences (rap, hip-hop, disco, funk, world music), meaningful texts and is where you least expect him, always innovating, always reinventing himself. He’s the kind of artist that brings you to a happy place.

A few weeks ago, he launched JovaTV, which can be described as an online platform for video sharing, centred around him and his work, but going much further than that. Let me explain. On the one hand, the platform features official and unofficial music clips, stories, shots of life, etc. posted by Jovanotti himself. You can even watch one of his live shows in full. Pretty awesome, but not yet transcending.


The really amazing part of the site is the section of the called “YouJova”, where fans can submit their own videos, somehow related to Jova’s music (covers, flashmobs, kids singing, dances, etc.)

I think this is a great way to give voice to fans, to build a community and share this feeling of sheer happiness and optimism that transpires through Jova’s work. Some fan videos are very professional, properly directed and cut, others are highly unplanned and casual, making for a really rich web of interrelated, meaningful stories.

This is how Jovanotti envisions the platform:

I would like to post experiments, travel stories and above all music. I will use it to tell stories, to let you see things that traditional TV does not have time and will to broadcast, to have an archive of my whole story, to give an outlet to new directors and filmmakers

This is still a beta project, which is due to evolve. From the look of it, it is off to a great start.

Stay tuned, browse through, and discover what I think is the start of a fantastic specialised social platform and  strong brand.

Top pics of Jova’s songs (You don’t need to understand Italian to get it. Just listen & enjoy.)

If you know other artists that do the same or similar projects, please share!

Saluti, tutti!

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