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Last week, I had the pleasure to welcome Bertrand, the director of “Le Wagon Bordeaux” in my digital marketing class. Le Wagon is an international coding school for entrepreneurs,  (a little like Dev Bootcamp in the US) and they know their coding business! But what Bertrand talked about was not code this time.


The aim of the session was to get students aware of the importance nowadays to “speak tech” for a marketer and give them easy, “no-code-needed” marketing communication and analytics tools that they can (and will!) use as part of their job later on. I find it hard, when you are not part of the world of developers, or have no particular ambition to learn to code, to become acquainted with these tools. However, if you have a simple project you want to launch (a student association, a bakery on the corner, or an internal company innovation), it’s paramount to be able to have a simple landing page for your product or service, with a clean design and user experience.

I’ve selected here the 4 tools Bertrand talked about that I think are musts for markeUJ6cUSZKT2ynPTyWeGmYting application

To create your landing page, Strinkingly. It proposes ready-made site templates that are customizable. You can ad sections, edit the text, fonts, templates, colors and pictures, ad blogs, galleries and forms. It gives you a clean and customized landing page to present your project.

To set userfeedback-wufoo-round1up a questionnaire, Wufoo. I am a bit of a questionnaire addict…market research deviance I guess. So I love anything that helps me get insight into the market & collect consumer data. Wuffo allows you to create easy drag-and-drop forms (to create a signup, ask for insight, ask for contact details, whatever.) that you can then intergrate on your strikingly page.


To manage a newsletter, Mailchimp. Set up this super easy email service provide to create campaign, manage your subscriber list and then have analytics insight into your campaign performance. Again, you can link it to your Strinkingly page. It’s easy to use and you can get a lot done with the free account.


To design and create mockups, SketchApp. As Bertrand put it, it’s the revolution or “kiff complet” of the marketer. It removes the complexity of designing mockups, gives marketers credibility when they want to get a developer on board of their project and again, helps create engaging, clean visuals.

These tools all have loads of free functionalities or work with trials periods, so you can just get strated straight away. I’m now getting my hands on all these tools, and I hope this review helps you develop your project as well, whether as part of your studies, job or personal hobbies. Tech away, monkeys!

Find Le Wagon on Twitter @Lewagonparis @LeWagonBordeaux @LeWagonBrussels and more cool European locations. 

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